What to Do in Yosemite at Night: 10 Things to Do After Dark

During the day, guests at Evergreen Lodge and Rush Creek Lodge have access to hiking trails, wellness spas, spacious play areas, bike and equipment rentals, hot tubs, and saltwater pools. But to round out your Yosemite experience, you’ll also need to know what to do in Yosemite at night. From s’mores by the fire to once-in-a-lifetime stargazing, craft beer tastings, and live entertainment, there are plenty of evening activities to help you enjoy your stay in Yosemite.


Yosemite night sky above the treetops filled with stars.

After you watch a spectacular sunset over the Sierra Nevada Mountains, take in the glorious, clear night sky over Yosemite. Reserve a spot for yourself and your family or friends for evening stargazing at Evergreen or Rush Creek Lodge, each with its own high-powered telescope.

Experience the night sky like never before, as the absence of light pollution allows for the full range of stars, planets, and galaxies to illuminate the sky. You’ll be close enough to nature’s light show to observe stars, planets, constellations, and glimmering galaxies while listening to fun facts and learning about the mythology of the Yosemite sky.

Painting Party at Rush Creek Lodge

Fun for kids and adults, an evening Painting Party at Rush Creek Lodge lets you unleash your inner Picasso under the guidance of a local artist. You’ll go step-by-step through the process of painting an iconic Yosemite view, and you’ll get to take your creation home as a souvenir.

Glass Blowing at Rush Creek Lodge  

For a memorable experience, book a glass blowing class at night while you’re in Yosemite. Our expert glassblower will guide you through the basics of working with hot glass as you create your very own piece of glass art. Learn the ins and outs of a hot shop, fundamentals of glass blowing, and how to work with the necessary tools for creating blown glass art.

Booking Services at the Spa at The Lodge

Unwind in the gentle calm of night at the Spa at Guest Lodge at Rush Creek. Open until 9 p.m. during winter and 10 p.m. during spring and summer, the Spa offers a variety of guest experiences to make your night in Yosemite unforgettable. Enjoy the serenity of the Sensory Room or wash away your cares in the Warm Waterfall Coves. The Spa also offers dinner and cocktails, so you can make a complete evening of your relaxation vacation.

California Craft Beer Tasting

For guests 21 and older, reserve one night at Yosemite for a sampling of Golden State craft brews. Spend a tasty evening hour at Evergreen Lodge working your way through a flight of handcrafted favorites from some of the best brewmasters in California. Our California Craft Beer Tasting is available on Thursday and Friday evenings in the Rec Center.

Making S’mores Around the Fire

A girl eating a roasted marshmallow.

Pulling up a chair around the firepits at Rush Creek and Evergreen Lodges for a gooey round of s’mores-making tops the list of what to do in Yosemite at night. The firepits at both Rush Creek’s and Evergreen’s main lodges ignite nightly for s’mores, so you’ll have ample opportunities to concoct this traditional campfire treat.

Enjoying Live Local Music

While Yosemite at night is full of natural wonders, our stage at Evergreen Lodge also features other local wonders you’ll want to check out. Enjoy lively local music in the evenings as well as up-and-coming bands on tour. Since variety is the spice of life, we make sure to include all kinds of music in our lineup at the Tavern. You might find a bluegrass quartet or a sing-along cover band belting out your favorite radio hits. No matter who’s playing, they’ll be there to give you a fun night out at Yosemite.

Partaking in Themed Nights at the Tavern

Unwind after dinner and sunset at the Tavern at Evergreen Lodge. This hometown hub mixes history, scenery, and camaraderie for an unforgettable night in Yosemite. Rangers, hikers, and climbers stop in for a beer, and you’ll often find live local music acts putting on a lively show. Themed nights, like the popular Speakeasy Night, are part of the Tavern experience and add to the fun. Late night at the Tavern at Rush Creek Lodge also offers plenty of things to do. Watch the big game on the big screen televisions, step to the mic for karaoke, or relish the options of distinctive wines while choosing noshes from the late-night menu.

Night Hiking and More With Yosemite National Park Rangers

If you want to do something at night in Yosemite National Park, check their list of evening programs offered by rangers and interpretive naturalist guides. Night hikes, bus tours, cultural programs, and seasonal events are usually available depending on the time of year. Also explore tours available through our Lodges, or visit our Recreation Desk to get expert advice on planning your night hike in Yosemite.

Looking for Moonbows

A moonbow over Yosemite Falls.

Visible only during spring and early summer, the elusive lunar rainbows, or “moonbows,” at Yosemite National Park are a prized sighting for anyone fortunate enough to catch one. Moonbows occur at Yosemite Falls, Bridalveil Falls, and Glacier Point when the moonlight hits the waterfall mist at just the right angle. Visit the Recreation Desks at our Lodges to find out more information about planning a moonbow sighting.

Book your stay at our Yosemite hotels for the best amenities and accommodations in Yosemite. Now that you know what to do at night, be sure to include these activities and adventures on your itinerary. As always, we’ll be on hand at the Recreation Desk to assist you in planning any nighttime or daytime excursion or event.

FAQs About What to Do in Yosemite at Night

What is there to do in Yosemite at night?

From stargazing at Evergreen Lodge and Rush Creek Lodge to night hikes and moonbow sightings, Yosemite is well equipped for travelers looking for things to do after sunset.

Can you drive through Yosemite at night?

Yes. Because Yosemite National Park is open 24 hours a day, travelers can visit the park any time of day, weather permitting.

Can you see the Milky Way from Yosemite Valley?

The Milky Way is viewable from Yosemite with the naked eye. However, if you bring your own telescope or astronomy binoculars, you’ll get to see many other astronomical wonders like planets and star clusters.

Where is the best place to stargaze in Yosemite Valley?

Rush Creek Lodge and Evergreen Lodge near Yosemite National Park both offer stargazing experiences. Both experiences include a 12″ aperture Dobsonian telescope and is a fantastic educational and astronomy experience for all ages.